eAe and Tuks Hearthstone cup 1 – Results and Musings

Last weekend saw the first iteration of the Tuks mind sports and eAe Hearthstone Cup. From the beginning it was apparent that this tournament was for all to enjoy from your seasoned veterans to your new up and comers and as such there were quite a few unexpected results, with some prem players going out […]


eAe and Tuks Hearthstone Monthly Cup

Welcome to the first of many Hearthstone Cups. This cup is hosted jointly by eAegaming and Tuks MindSport Club. We are starting a venture where we will be hosting cups, limited to South Africans only, on a monthly basis. Each of the cups will have a prize support structure as to keep players motivated to […]

eAe and e-Sports coming to a lounge near you

Imagine a world where you go have a drink at your local chill spot with your mates, a world where you can scream for your favorite DotA team, that Hearthstone player getting lethal, an ace happening in CS:GO and many other games… That world is now a possibility for us all. Braccianos opened up their […]

Thrones have been Conquered

As the finals drew to determine who would hold the Orena throne in the BFFT it came down to 2 gaming houses stealing the show with Bravado vs Bravado in Dota 2 and eAe vs eAe in Hearthstone. The Action kicked off with Hearthstone seeing Fafa vs Unsane in what was dubbed a ‘Master vs […]

eAe through to the next round of Orena

Orena’s BFTT(Battle For the Throne) Began on Tuesday Night, eAe entering players in both Dota and Hearthstone. The groups didn’t look too promising with Hearthstone having 2 of the 3 players in the same group and Dota seeing Kill secure going up against some of South Africas best in BVD.Emo and Ventus, Regardless of this the guys […]

DGL Opening Casters Exhibition

As a kick off to the Summer leg of DGL 2015, nAv TV and eAe Gaming have decided to hold a friendly Casters match. you will undoubtedly have heard their voices casting games but now we will see when the roles are reversed as casters play and players cast. Come support your favorite casters on […]

The eAe Podcast trial run is live

This is ground zero for an initiative we’re starting here at eAe. An initiative that reaches our geek culture in a larger scope. This is the pilot episode of a podcast (yet to be named) we’re starting. We cover the far reaches of geek culture; movies, games, TV shows, comics, animated shows along with anime. This episode will sound like a unmoderated conversation between friends, because that’s exactly what it is.

In this episode we cover the slew of comic book movie and TV show related news that has hit us in recent weeks.

1. The 10 DC movie line-up through 2020 from Warner Bros.
2. Marvel’s Civil War plot in Captain America 3
3. Is Spidey going back to Marvel?
4. The DC and Marvel TV shows; Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
5. Supergirl went from pipe dream to actually getting picked up by CBS.

Do you like the idea of the podcast? Where can we improve? What do you think about the format? Thoughts on the run-time? We’re also playing around with formats for the podcast.

Extra-Life: Gaming for a good cause

This year on 25 October a small group of SA gamers will be joining thousands of other games around the world to try and make a difference by gaming. With your help and the help of the sponsors ,RED5 and eAe Gaming, we will try to raise as much funds as we can for children’s hospitals. […]