eAe Hearthstone 1st and 2nd

So as Orena’s BFTT tournament went on eAe Hype managed to make it to the quarter finals where they came up against one of South Africas top teams in the form of bvd.blue after 2 exciting games bvd showed why they are one of SA’s top teams but none the less well done to eAe.Hype for making it that far we are proud of you guys.


On the other side of the tournament the Hearthstone side we had Fafa beating Odu 3 games to 1 and Unsane with the same score over Sibling in their respective semi final matches, resulting in both of them making it into the finals.What does that mean? Simply put eAe is guaranteed 1st and 2nd place for the Heartstone BFTT Orena tournament.  The only question is, between these two team mates who will take it all and be crowned the Orena BFTT champion…Only time will tell so  be sure to tune in on Sunday at 7 as we have the age old clash of: master vs apprentice!

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