eAe and e-Sports coming to a lounge near you

Imagine a world where you go have a drink at your local chill spot with your mates, a world where you can scream for your favorite DotA team, that Hearthstone player getting lethal, an ace happening in CS:GO and many other games… That world is now a possibility for us all. Braccianos opened up their doors as the first eSports lounge in South Africa, it’s been hidden away as a Gem in only Cape Town. Due to their success, they have paved the way for others and we are finally getting an eSports bar in Gauteng! Jukes, situated in Centurion, is opening their doors this April!

We as eAe Gaming are proud to announce that we will be partnering with both of them to bring some of the best gaming and eSports action locally and internationally.

To find out more info on both these place go check out




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  1. Shout out to Rick, awesome shit man!! And eAe nice partnering, do your local players get free beer at Braccianos? Cause else I might want to join team 😛

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