New eAe Teams Look Ahead to the Upcoming DGL Season

With the Winter leg of the 2015 Do Gaming League fast approaching, we at eAe Gaming are proud to welcome a number of new teams to our family. Last season, for the first time, saw eAe expand in new directions by creating our first CS:GO team, eAe.SoMuchPenguin,  as well having several  players represent us in the Hearthstone DGL. This season, we’re happy to announce that we are once again expanding into yet another Esport!

We’d like to welcome the League of Legends team eAe.BadDay into our folds. Captain Brendon “Fatalthumb” had this to say: “We’re close friends that take this game seriously and wanna go far. We’re looking to start from scratch but also compete with best and give them a run for their money. We have the ability to go far.” We wish them the best of luck for the upcoming season and  certainly look forward to seeing them progress.

This season will also see two more teams join the ranks of eAe.SoMuchPenguin in the CS:GO DGL. eAe.dFuZe, the first of the two teams , will be captained by Donavan “RaikoZA” Lawson who is no stranger to competing in the DGL as he has previously played for teams in both Dota as well as CS:GO. On his latest venture, he had this to say: “We have some really amazing people all part of one big family doing what we enjoy. My hope for this team is that we grow from all the competitions that we go into together and gain experience from all of it and have fun while doing so.”

The second of the two new CS:GO teams will be eAe.NotEnufPenguin. As their name implies, they are the antithesis to So Much Penguin and are going to take a more casual approach to competing in the DGL. Captain Curt “InSanity” Roehricht: “This team is literally for the lols. We are all relatively new to CS:GO and are just in it for the fun and love of the game.” The professionals of tomorrow have to start out somewhere, so we’re all keen to see whether they can turn into a team that can compete on a more serious level as they progress over time.

The Winter leg of the DGL kicks off on June 1st. Best of luck to all new and returning eAe teams as we’re excited to grow and improve together as one big family. We also hope you follow us, whether it  be watching our teams competing or our amazing casters covering some big games!

The full rosters for the new teams are below:

eAe.BadDay (LoL)

Fatalthumb (Captain)
BlackFistZef (Reserve)
STSdevan (Manager)

eAe.dFuZe (CS:GO)

RaikoZA (Captain)

eAe.NotEnufPenguin (CS:GO)



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