Thrones have been Conquered

As the finals drew to determine who would hold the Orena throne in the BFFT it came down to 2 gaming houses stealing the show with Bravado vs Bravado in Dota 2 and eAe vs eAe in Hearthstone.

The Action kicked off with Hearthstone seeing Fafa vs Unsane in what was dubbed a ‘Master vs Apprentice’ match both these guys helped each other get to the finals they both knew each others decks, so it was sure to be one hell of a match and to no surprise that’s exactly what it was there wasn’t a single game that wasn’t decided by one play or one card draw all the games came down to the wire but Fafa showing his experience managed to come out on top taking the throne 3 games to 1.

On the Dota side of things it was a similar story when bvd.Emotion took on bvd.Blue in a best of 5 both teams had put in a lot of work to get to the finals beating out teams such as  ventus, eAe.Hype, eN.Evo, bzk.Fusion and Tilt among others but bravado boys are no strangers to being on top on this night it just belonged to Emotion as they took 3 games to 0 over their team mates.

All in all it was a great tournament with a lot of action and our hats at eAe Gaming go off to the guys at Orena for running such a smooth tournament and keeping the SA scene alive!

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Highlight of the Hearthstone finals below

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